Vie Amor

Stop worrying. start thinking.

prioritize unity
we are our focus

I find it remarkable how the common issues we face in society often have little sustenance or vitality. We are fed a ‘breaking issue’,  of which we either publicly side with, or recluse at home in complete ignorance or negligence. These ‘issues’ are weak branches meant to stir our logic and dismay our focus; fractured problems of structural misconceptions with much deeper roots. They serve as distractions to evoke emotion, pleading at hints of our moralities with masked ambiguity. They unite us in groups, meant to divide us as a whole. We are on the same side if left to our own intuition. It isn’t until madness pours from the screens of life to detract our logic that we emotionally engage in distorted fueled opposition, negating our own research and reality for the spoon fed fruits of whole hearted manipulation. 

There is evil. It is exploiting our innate goodness, dividing our attention and innate desire of love and unity as a people.